Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What can be done in 21 hours?

I shall get up in the morning
to watch the cuckoos still yawning.
Have a brisk coffee to stimulate
the nerves through which it circulates.

Sit and scribble down my random thoughts
Oh! The brickbats? Aahh! I'm worrying not.
Watch a feel good movie
with a bowl full of maggi.

Go out on a catamaran ride,
fly and float as I dive
See a dolphin's fin and squeak
And later come to know it was actually a shark!

Have a beautiful get together with good old friends
and wishing it would never end.
Climb into my bed and have a tight sleep
reliving the whole day in my own dreams

Finally, ALL I had was
7 hours of assignment and 14 hours of class!