Friday, October 8, 2010

The Two Wheels Of Love!

You and I have been the best couple I've ever known
What suddenly happened to this status quo?
I still have the same feelings for you, on my love, I can vow
But, you make me wonder if I've become your foe!

You will have your food only from that particular shop
I used to travel 2 kms for it even when I am rain soaked.
One day I get it from the 1 km shop, you start to cough
Aahh! I could'nt bear it and right away take you to a doc.

Do you remember? We used to go long rides together.
You become very tired and you don't even make a word utter
I instantaneously feel it and will make you feel better.
Have all those memories from your mind wither(ed)?

Come on Lakshmi! Sttttttttaaaaaaaaarrrttt!
Vvvrrrrmm.. Vrrrnnnnngg....
Sttttttttaaaarrrttttttt, Lakshmi, Sttttttttaaaaaaaaarrrttt!


  1. super :)
    ana unnoda scootyku poyi evalo feel ah !! :P

  2. //super :)
    thnks di! :)

    //ana unnoda scootyku poyi evalo feel ah !!

    unaku ennadi theriyum ennoda lakshmiya pathi? ;)