Monday, June 18, 2012

The Trek!

I wake up just before noon to have my brunch
And I lock myself up in the room for the remaining day
Is there a way out of this? I had no hunch
Thinking it over and over, there just goes by ‘my Sunday’!

One fine day, I heard about this CTC
CTC!?? Chennai Trekking Club it seems
I thought to give it a try and see
Without being aware of the experience I am gonna sense.

The trek site was in the state of Andhra Pradesh
Therefore it rightly started with a breakfast of spppicy pickle
And there commenced the trek with full energy ad whenever it’s slightly sluggish
There come our sweepers to tell us to follow the leader’s whistle.

Very easily we reached the first pool
Only to find it occupied already
So, then again started the trek, to the next pool
With an unrelenting aim to fall into it, be it crowded or muddy.

We just reached it, and I was already into the second pool
And that was one big mistake I made .
After having walked in the hot sun, let the body cool, seems is the rule
I have broken it already and instantly it showed up its effect.

I fell into the pool and had done just 2 strokes
Ouch! The nerve twitched and I have got a cramp.
I was put on land and was told not to come near the water folks
So I simply sat there watching and muttering ‘Damn!’

There comes the third pool, this I call ‘The All-in-All pool’.
I am a non-swimmer and I just want to stand in the water-‘Yes, you are welcome!’
I am afraid of depths. – ‘Go, jump from the rock which is high as a stool.’
‘And wait, you also have the trial rock to get ready for the big game.’

The big game!??! – To jump from a rock-The tallest one!
I didn’t dare to go near her for she really was frightening
And the same fact let me go a little down
But my spirits were up again by doing it while descending

Were I using the word ’trekking’ all this while?
Oh, please strike it down at all the places
For the ‘trekking’ really started from the third pool with style
For its very well evident from all those bruises

This was the phase where my legs let me down
Making me skid and fall with every step I plan
Then the forest taught me to trek on my own
From then on, we both walked hand in hand

My mom was really worried when I started from home
If there will be anyone to take of her child in the wilderness
I have an answer now to tell my mom
There were indeed somebody by the name ‘Organisers’

The journey, the McD Cake (Milkmaid Chapathi Duo) and the intro time
Made the 38 become one ‘Kaatopoochi family’
I don’t want this trek to be the best in my life
For I want it to get better and better thoroughly!!


  1. OMG...superb anji...Keep up ur writings...
    strong like :)

  2. thanks a lotttt!!! but sorry to ask, who is this? i couldnt get a hint :(

  3. It is nice that you are enjoying

  4. nagala??? i've been wanting to go the trail that difficult?? can it be attempted by a smaller group?? do you have any map/directions?