Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mein Traume!

I ran and ran deep into the wood

My legs taking my body with swift.

Not making a sweat drop to shed

Here is a big log which I easily lift.

I balance it with my three fingers

And scribble, I get mesmerizing musical notes!

Aahh! I hear, it being sung by a singer

And hold on! Those are not merely my thoughts

But alas! The session got over

And I can do nothing but wake up!


  1. superb !!! love the way u start with vague thoughts and then finally end it with a one liner that brings about the entire connection ...I bet ur inspiration was our RM class ..lol

  2. :) thnks a lot Arun! and abt the inspiration..RM class.. no..I wud prob be busy involved vit my lappie for uhhh.. wht was dat?? ssad?? no no spss.. ;) actually many of them here are written in mkting classes ;)